My practice is always evolving, and moving towards new subjects and technics all the time. I do not want to expose all my works on this unique website, so most of my 'subjects' here are not shown. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you want to see any of the work that are not displayed here today!

Also, most of the shown artworks are for sale. Do not hesitate to send me a message for any price enquiry.

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2017, after a difficult ordeal, I lost a lot of my faith in the human and the nature. The violence and anger that animated me then found no way out. Black was to be the base, as a starting point, and destruction seemed to be the only solution. Fire became the tool. Burning was the answer to this need for change. The darkness created became the origin of renewal. Painting on this destroyed medium helps me to re-own my work and restore calm and order, albeit delusional.

In reference to the delusional disorder, the Delusional Order series represents my therapy against my anxiety. This new series of works begins with this collection entitled 'Prologue'.

This realisation allows me to exteriorise in a concrete and liberating way, the energy and the feelings contained. Violent flats of brush painting, executed instinctively and suddenly with the whole body, form the heart of the work and permeate the anger. Thinner, more controlled and more thoughtful flows complete the composition, and testify to a return to calm and order - though illusory.


I mainly work around bodies even though my recent works tend to move away from this a little now.

My personal exploration of the subject comes from the personal and painful experience of the fragility of our bodies, and trying to capture it. Both to render the beauty and the ephemeral aspect of life. We are so strong and beautiful, yet so fragile...

So I observe, and observe, and observe again, until the drawing becomes an obvious escape from my stillness. 

300 seconds is the average time it takes me to do the pieces that are shown on this website : 5 minutes of intense concentration, and a result that is not always as pleasing as I would love to. But this is long enough to get the correct print of the body on my retina, and transfer it to the paper. Some are a bit longer (up to 12 min) most are shorter. 

The 'extraits de corps' are very short poses or poses that were nice to abstract more from the body. The drawing becomes very simple, like a stain, and the ressemblance to a body becomes more and more difficult to see. But the essence of the drawing remains the same, maybe stronger.

Through 'Madame rêve' I explore the attractive power of the body onto one another. The suggested shapes are more like mental pictures that I keep in my unconscious mind when desire comes up. These drawings are executed with charcoal on paper,  live during life drawing sessions, and the ink is added later on in my studio. The bodies are de-constructed through the drawing of the favorite parts of the model seen before my eyes, and then, rendered almost randomly on the paper. The ink reunifies the body, giving it back a sensual purpose.


'Beauté cachée' is originally a photographic work made by my artist friend Michaël GRAMM. (

I always wanted to work along a photographer and when he showed me his fantastic selection of 'clay portraits' I instantly knew that was him I should work with. Our collaboration was instantaneous and magical. These Portraits are our tribute to natural beauty, joy and love. This is an ongoing work


A 'Gnossienne' is a musical composition from Erik SATIE, which my wife uses to play for me on her piano when I work late at night... it is also a moment of awareness that someone you've known for years still has a private and mysterious inner life. I love both 'definitions' and hence entitled this series started in 2013 in St Barthélemy, French West Indies. These shots of the surrounding islands and rocks close to the main island of St Barths, are becoming almost alive by the simple yet effective mirror effect applied to them. Some people will recognise 'frégate', 'ilet bonhomme' and others that are part of the landscape here. The particular light and the almost clear blue skies are essential component for my shots to be successful. This is an on going work.

Shown in April 2017 at the SPACE Gallery, in St Barthélemy, F.W.I. this body of work can now be purchased as limited editions, through the gallery.


A long haul project I have been studying and preparing for years now. I am gathering memories of places I lived in and been to, these places I love and I have fond memories of. My past as a private pilot melts in, and it is from above that I want to see these landscape. Now it's time to show a bit of this work. 

IN-CONSCIENCE (not shown at the moment, ask me if you want more details)

In-Conscience is an ongoing work based on freedom. Quick sketches, illustrations and watercolored drawings that just intend to free me from conscience and goal : to draw just for fun, and let go. What comes out is out of control, and free of purpose.

MORT BEAUTIFUL (not shown at the moment, ask me if you want more details)

An undergoing reflexion on death and my own fears. I read that thinking about death (not morbidly) makes you accept it better, and makes you enjoy life more...


PORTRAITS (not shown at the moment, ask me if you want more details)

These are some of the portraits I have been asked or just wanted to work on. 

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